What’s So Special About Bowenwork?

What’s So Special About Bowenwork?

Experience the healing of the Bowenwork technique in Grand Blanc, MI

Would you like to achieve lasting healing in your body? Kare-Ther is proud to offer Bowenwork to clients like you. The intermittent pauses allow the body to help itself reset naturally. Whether you’re dealing with pain in your body or a lack of flexibility, you can recover and rejuvenate through Bowenwork at our Grand Blanc, Michigan Bodywork center.

Why should you try Bowenwork?

Why should you try Bowenwork?

Bowenwork – also known as the Bowen technique – is a light bodywork modality that works by initiating your natural healing abilities. By stimulating nerves and muscles, our Bowenwork Practitioner will soothe your pain and rejuvenate your body.

Bowenwork offers numerous benefits, including:

  • It focuses on your entire body.
  • It can be performed through light weight clothing if chosen.
  • It’s more potent and deeper than a typical massage.

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